Process of becoming a member

Requirements of what is needed to become a member inclusive of all benefits one get in a member (as a member).

  1. 1. The candidate shall be required to ride with the team for a minimum of four rides “ be called a prospects
  2. 2. The candidate will be added to PB members and non members group.
  3. 3. The candidate will make a decision if he/she gets along well with the organization based on the interaction with team members and Exco rules
  4. 4. The candidate will be informed if he is being accepted or rejected.
  5. 5. Once accepted the candidate will be notified to pay the membership.
  6. 6. A member will be required to participate in the club rides. “ Minimum of two rides per month out of four.
  7. 7. The candidate shall purchase the club kit and use it for races and training.
  8. 8. The club shall welcome all new members once a quarter on a formal ride arranged by Exco and be given the PB uniform.
  9. 9. The club has a right to terminate the candidate membership without refund.
  10. 10. Annual membership to be renewed at the end of February each year.
  11. 11. Membership includes registration into Cycling South Africa, Gauteng Cycling Association and also ICE “In Case of Emergency” wrist Band.
  12. 12. The member shall be added to two Proud beginners notice board group.